01 October 2012

terima kasih,kawan

gojes lagi anggun kan?

malam ni tadi,baru balik dari shopping dengan Neng Ayu..pusing satu Mall sampai jari kaki cramp,perut lapar,tekak kering,pundi kencing full,beg duit pun kosong..

just known her for about 7 months but i felt like i knew her since forever..those chemistry are very strong..she's like a big sister to me..i love her..i really do..and i really mean it..

i promised to myself i will be kind to her..i'll never treat her wrong,i'll respect her and i will never betray her like what "my friends" did to me before.. i will never hurt her.. i don't want her to feel what i felt 3 years ago.. i will never leave her..i'd try my best to be the best of hers..i will try my  best to be beside her through light or darkness in her life..

tonight we spoke about 4 hours talking about fashion,guys,love,life..about everything..i can share feeling with her freely..her secrets are mine and mine are hers..

the nicest thing one have said to me "i'm glad having u as a friend..rasa tak puas keluar dgn Liz..there's a lot of stuff i want to share wif u" sumpah,sebak mak,nyah..

sedih kan bila kawan baru lebih menghargai kita berbanding kawan lama yg bertahun2 kita kenal dan sekarang ni buat kita macam x pernah wujud dlm hidup mereka

all i can say to her "Thank You"

gambar lama :')

pipi aku makin tembam..oh,NO!

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